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Do people not know how mean their words can be?


everyone who thinks im cute because theyve seen my selfies online have got a nother thing coming tbh lol……………. cameras cannot pick up how beautiful i am in real life

If you’re ready for season 10 and you know it clap your hands!



whenever i get low on money i start thinking really irrationally like what if i hadn’t spent that $10 back in 2004 

I love how this whole Ebola thing went down.

Know damn well we been had the cure for it and had never planned on letting anyone know. But then some white people got it and you all of a sudden have a cure? Nah, I don’t believe it. Just how I don’t believe that we haven’t found the cure for AIDS and other gnarly shit. Quit playing around and share the cure. The world will be a better place.